Biogas in the garden

Building instructions for self-supporters

Do you have kitchen and garden waste?

Don't throw them away!

How you can build your own small biogas plant using simple means and use the gas for cooking and heating!

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It’s easier than you think. I was surprised myself that it worked straight away. We actually always had a lot of green waste in our garden, but the biggest part was always the lawn section. Mowing the lawn produces a really large amount of grass, which the lawn mower collects and we throw into the compost heap. After just a few hours, this pile of grass becomes very warm inside, changes color from green to brown and starts to smell. This is already the beginning of biogas and that stands for free energy. 

Have you ever thought about building your own small biogas plant made from kitchen and garden waste? With your own biogas plant you can generate energy sustainably and cost-effectively. Biogas is a great way to generate energy from kitchen waste and garden waste. In addition, the investment and operating costs for a small biogas plant are cheap, making it an easy-to-implement technology for generating renewable energy.

Your own biogas plant is economically profitable and can be easily built. It is a simple process in which the biogas is produced depending on the input material and the resulting pH value. With a small biogas plant, CO2 emissions can be almost completely avoided.

If you want to build your own small biogas plant, you can learn how to design and use an effective biogas plant with instructions and tutorials as well as many other resources and support from experts. Get the e-book now!

Just do it yourself - your own biogas plant in the garden

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Power fertilizer for a mega harvest!​

Cooking and heating with biogas!​

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